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Cinnabar Green Refine Exfoliant - 50ml

Cinnabar Green Refine Exfoliant - 50ml

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Perfect for your weekly facial deep cleanse. Enhanced with natural UV- protecting Vitamin E & Calendula oils, deeply moisturizing and nourishing virgin avocado oil, gently exfoliating jojoba grains, with tea tree to unblock sebaceous glands and geranium to revitalise and rejuvenate

The hydrosols and essential oils assist in skin toning and fighting germs on the skin, as well as regenerating new skin after exfoliation. The biodegradable and eco-friendly jojoba beads give mild exfoliation to your face, giving room for growth of new skin that is free from acne and rashes. The natural vitamin e together with virgin shea butter, calendula infusion and beeswax moisturize, nourish and protect the new skin from UV-damage.

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